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Internal Dashboard and Service Metric Aggregate (“Dashboard”)

LogicPlus,  South Australia | Sole Developer | 2013.07 - 2015.06

(LogicPlus is a hosting and managed-services provider.) As the sole developer, develop and maintain an ASP.NET MVC based Company Dashboard as an ongoing project. Liaise with client’s stakeholders to determine requirements, third-party application capabilities and data availability, future proofing, and required hours to completion. Implement industry standard practices and patterns as opportunity arises. Integrate third-party toolkits, including 7zip and OpenXML (to manipulate Word templates).

Sales, CRM, Inventory System for Solar Panel Retailer

LogicPlus, Adelaide, South Australia | Developer | 2012.07 - 2013.02

(On behalf of GreatSolar, Adelaide, South Australia) Port an existing CMS-based web application into ASP.NET and then extend with client feature requests. Implement industry standard practices and patterns as opportunity arises, including reflection and dynamic loading. Data stored via EntitySpaces ORM on MS SQL Server. Provide reporting and management tools for all aspects of system.

Realtime Raytracing on iPhone using implicit surface descriptions

University of South Australia | Research Assistant | 2012.02 - 2012.08

Port and optimise a ray-marching solution from desktop to iPhone. Adapt to use signed-distance fields obtained from KinectFusion application. Requires understanding of C++, Objective C, OpenGL ES, and XCode. Also requires understanding of Linear Algebra and mobile-device limitations.

Salient-Feature X-Ray on a Nokia N900 Phone

University of South Australia | Research Assistant | 2012

Using the findings of Salient-Feature X-Ray (on PC), port the application to a Nokia N900 (mobile Linux) using Nokia's proprietary Mixed-Reality Framework. Requires understanding of Qt, C++, OpenGL ES, GLES SL (shaders) and Scratchbox cross-compilation tool chains. Also requires interfacing with an external sensor box using a supplied API to access gyroscope and compass data.

Eve Online Bounty Office

Personal Project | 2009 - 2011

Eve Online is an MMO published by CCP Games LLC. (Iceland). CCP exposes in-game data and statistics via custom XML web services. This application is written in C# and is intended to run as a Windows Service. It is intended to be accessed using a decoupled ASP.NET MVC front end. Inspired by Stackless Python, this system's core functionality is provided by Task objects that provide a specific functionality, then raise an event for the Controller to spawn follow-on Tasks. Relies heavily on the interaction with an SQL Server database and uses the .NET Resource system to keep code files and text files containing SQL commands separated. Also makes use of XPATH, LINQ to XML, and Thread Pooling.

Visuo-Haptic Augmented Reality

University of South Australia | Intern | 2010

I was tasked with developing an application to work with Canon's MRPlatform API and VH-2007 Video See-Through HMD (Canon’s prototype for their now-released MREAL system). The application made use of C++, COM objects, OpenGL, Canon proprietary F-Code marker tracking, and hand-masking. The application used multiple targets (groups of markers) and passive haptics for inspection of digital models. A primary target is used for close inspection, and multiple other targets are used for selecting which model is to be inspected. Selecting a model is done by moving the primary target to within a proximity threshold of the selection target.

Salient-Feature X-Ray (on PC)

University of South Australia | Intern | 2010 - 2011

TINT – Augmented Reality Prototyping Framework

University of South Australia | Intern | 2009 - 2010