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LiDAR Scanned VR Training

posted Mar 28, 2019, 11:44 PM by Graeme Jarvis   [ updated Sep 10, 2019, 8:28 PM ]
Delivered as "Asset Access Training". Built as a teaching aid, for 'experiential reinforcement' of more typical text-book learning, on the safety procedures for accessing a power distribution substation and marking out a hazard.

Making use of laser-scanned real-world locations (substations), Unity3D, VRTK and HTC Vive. 

On Bolt

We used Bolt, a visual scripting tool available from Unity's Asset Store, to manage our objects and objectives.

Bolt Scenario Storyboard

Sometimes the scripting was simple:

Bolt Simple Transition

Sometimes, less so:

Bolt Transition Moderate

In the end, I found this tool poorly suited for professional development.  Bolt in particular is poorly optimised and does not handle errors at all gracefully, particularly if those errors occur down a Bolt-event chain.  And visual-scripting in general just seems cumbersome for anything but rapid, light prototyping.