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Complex Game Systems: Space Flight AI

posted Mar 25, 2017, 1:13 AM by Graeme Jarvis   [ updated Sep 10, 2019, 8:28 PM ]
So I've started getting my teeth into Unity3D in preparation for AIE's Complex Game Systems assignment.  I opted to complete the Utility AI option, and have gone with a space exploration theme.  Setting up assets is incredibly easy in Unity, especially with access to the Asset Store and all the legally free stuff other people so generously make available.

Today I got a basic flight model and path-follow AI running.  It's a little wonky, and certainly a very naive implementation.  As shown in the video, linear motion is fairly decent, but craft orientation is... crazy!  It's definitely something I'm going to fix in the (near) future, but for now it satisfies my needs.

There are two scripts on the drone here.  One manages the flight model or low-level "performance" of the ship, and one manages the higher-level "navigation" by selecting destinations.  At present the Nav System just cycles through a preset list of object (the capsules in the scene) so I can test both the Nav and Flight Control Systems.

Flight Control System:

Navigation Control System: