About Me

My name is Graeme and my driving passion is for building immersive environments with natural and intuitive interfacing; to be able to experience and control one's digital self with such confidence and alacrity as one's real self.  I am a pc gamer and a vehicle simulation enthusiast with a preference and fascination for flight.

I started programming in self-taught Visual Basic 6, moved to Java when starting University and extended knowledge with the iCarnegie Software Systems Developer course. Also learned C++ from the iCarnegie course and self-taught C# and other .NET languages. Attended the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) to focus and round out my interactive skill set with Unity3D.  

I've worked at the MagicVision Lab ("MVL") with Dr. Christian Sandor on bleeding edge applications for Augmented Reality. I've spent time working with CRM and BI at LogicPlus, Adelaide, and built Virtual-Reality training systems for SA Power Networks.